2005 General Election Estimation Quiz

How much do you really know about the facts and figures behind this election campaign? Here's your chance to find out. Below there are 10 questions on a number of subjects which have been discussed by the politicians and the media over the past few weeks. The answer to each question is a number, but you aren't expected to know it exactly. To score points, you just need to be able to say roughly how big the number is, by giving a number you think is smaller than the correct answer, and one you think is bigger.

You get points if the true answer lies between the numbers you give. The closer together are your two guesses, the better your score. But you will lose points if the true answer lies outside the range you give.

There are no trick questions in this quiz.

  1. How much money per week is a single adult asylum seeker eligible for in benefits?
    between £  and £ 
  2. As of 25th April 2005, how many British servicemen had died in the invasion of Iraq?
    between    and   
  3. In 2003, how many people applied for asylum in the UK?
    between    and   
  4. What's the average budget for one serving of a school dinner in England and Wales?
    between £  and £ 
  5. What percentage of the 701 people arrested for terrorism offences between September 11 2001, and 11 March 2005 have been found guilty?
    between  % and  %
  6. How many homicides were there in Britain in 2003/4?
    between    and   
  7. How much money was raised by speed cameras in 2003/4?
    between £million and £million
  8. What is the current annual salary of an MP?
    between £  and £ 
  9. According to Home Office figures, what would an ID card system cost each taxpayer, including the one-off charge for the card itself?
    between £  and £ 
  10. How old will Tony Blair be on 6th May 2005?
    between  years and  years

There are 10 questions in that list. That's enough to calculate your score — approximately. But if you want, you can answer some more questions. The more questions you answer, the more accurate your score will be! (There is also a small bonus for answering more questions.)

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